St. Ingbert cuts fees for daycare and crèche

Nadine Backes | Picture: G. Faragone
Nadine Backes | Picture: G. Faragone
The city of St. Ingbert will lower the fees for the municipal daycare centers as of August 01.08.2020, XNUMX.

From August, the costs will decrease by € 27, from € 345 to € 318, for a full-day childcare place in the crèche. Day care at KITA is reduced by 7 euros per month, from 134 euros to 127 euros.

The contribution for the places of regular care (6 hours) is reduced from 81,00 euros, by 5 euros, to 76 euros. The contribution of regular care (5 hours) is also reduced by 7 euros from 94 euros to 89 euros.

The contribution reduction applies to the four day care centers operated by the city of St. Ingbert.

The next contribution reduction will take place in August 2021 according to the Good KITA law.

"I am pleased that we can provide financial relief for parents within the framework of the Good KITA Law“Said the deputy for children and families Nadine Backes.

Associate is now called Nadine Backes

Nadine Backes, born Müller has been the deputy for children and education in the middle town of St. Ingbert for a few days. On Friday, July 03.07.2020rd, XNUMX, she married her life partner and is now called Nadine Backes. The city council wishes you all the best on your life together.

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