St. Ingbert: Increased police controls - over 500 violations found

An official talking to a driver
An official talking to a motorist | Image: Florian Jung / City of St. Ingbert
In St. Ingbert there are currently more controls in the street "Zur Audell". Local residents have complained several times.

The press office of the city of St. Ingbert informs that vehicles regularly shorten the detour via Oststraße towards the city center against the one-way street. The street Zur Audell is a one-way street from number 35 to the entrance to Akazienweg in the direction of Hobels.

After the residents brought the complaints to the city, the employees of the traffic department took measurements in the street.

The complaints were confirmed by the measurement reports, the administration announced. Over a period of two weeks, over 2 vehicles violated the transit ban.

In order to put a stop to the violations, discussions were also started with the St. Ingbert police inspection. The police will show and control their presence in the coming weeks.

Drivers who drive contrary to the one-way regulation must expect a fine of € 50.

Picture sources:

  • For Audell: Florian Jung / City of St. Ingbert