St. Ingbert: Emergency holiday care for children of municipal primary schools

Children's south school
Children playing in the south school Picture: Müller-Lang
The city of St. Ingbert, as sponsor of the elementary schools, will offer a three-week holiday emergency care program in cooperation with the volunteer all-day school in compliance with current hygiene and protective measures from Monday, July 06th to Friday, July 24th.

This takes place for children of the Albert Weisgerber School, the Pestalozzi and the Eisenberg School at the Eisenberg School in Hassel. For children from the Südschule, the Rischbach- and the Wiesentalschule, holiday emergency care takes place at the Südschule.

The parents can register the children on a weekly basis or for the entire care period. Daily childcare times are generally set from 8 a.m. to 16 p.m.

For children who are already registered in the FGTS, the parents' contribution for emergency holiday care is already included in the monthly FGTS contributions. For all others, the parents' contribution for holiday emergency care amounts to € 30 per week.

A corresponding application must be received by the schools or the school authorities by Saturday, June 20, 2020 at the latest.

The application for emergency holiday care and the required supplementary sheet are available on the website of the city of St. Ingbert,, ready to download.

Picture sources:

  • Children's south school: Müller-Lang