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St. Ingbert: Arbitrator wanted for Rentrisch district

View of St. Ingbert | Image: M. Müller-Lang
View of St. Ingbert | Image: M. Müller-Lang
The city of St. Ingbert is still looking for an arbitrator for the Rentrisch district after the previous incumbent has died.

"Arbitrators can be appointed to persons who are at least 25 years of age, can hold public office and live in Rentrisch“, Announced the city administration.

The arbitrator is elected by the St. Ingbert-Rentrisch local council for five years.

The arbitrators' job is to resolve minor disagreements and civil or criminal disputes. As a result, court hearings can be avoided. Arbitrators should be skilled in writing, listen well and have negotiating skills.

Citizens from St. Ingbert-Rentrisch who are interested in this position can apply in writing to the city of St. Ingbert, Am Markt 31, 2020 St. Ingbert, until August 12, 66386.

Further information and application forms are available in the town hall, rooms 105 and 108, telephone numbers 13-261 and 13-262.

Picture sources:

  • View of St. Ingbert: M. Müller-Lang