St. Ingbert: Citizen thanks after storm

FW IGB - Thank you
Picture: G. Faragone
St. Ingbert citizen Sylvi Lehmann thanks the volunteer fire department for the missions after the storm "Sabine" in February with a personal gift.

In February 2020, storm Sabine swept across the country. The storm depression caused several damages in the urban area. From Sunday evening, February 09.02.2020th, 11.02.2020 to Tuesday, February 42th, XNUMX, the members of the volunteer fire department worked through XNUMX shift positions in the shift system. The work was done by volunteers in their free time, and some of the employers released the firefighters for the missions.

Sylvi Lehmann from St. Ingbert was very impressed with this performance. In the aftermath of the storm, she thanked all the helpers and also offered every firefighter and firefighter a very personal gift. The helpers could choose between a personalized bracelet and a personalized egg cup. The handover was scheduled for March, but Corona made a mess of it.

Last week she presented the presents to the deputy military leader Marco Schmeltzer. A large handover could not take place due to ensuring operational readiness.

Sylvi Lehmann presented five boxes, one for each extinguishing area, to M. Schmeltzer. The deputy military leader thanked the donor for the extraordinary gift.

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  • FW IGB - Thank you: G. Faragone