Dispute over the renovation of the railway bridge in the Au

St. Ingbert: "Offer from Deutsche Bahn not acceptable!"

Bridge blocked on one side, over dts
Bridge blocked on one side, over dts
Dispute in St. Ingbert: It is about the railway bridge in the Au, the rehabilitation of which the administration and the railway have been debating for months.

Now the city administration reports with an inventory: "The railway bridge in the Au has been closed for months. Many walkers and cyclists are annoyed that the opening has not yet taken place“, Says the administration.

It's about the renovation of the bridge. According to the city administration, the report and the damage profile are available: "The abutments of the bridge must be renovated. Deutsche Bahn has guaranteed the reorganization and the assumption of costs".

In addition, the administration has received an offer to transfer the bridge into municipal ownership. "The railway will only provide a 3-year guarantee. This offer is unacceptable for the city administration“Says the administration.

This is about the permanent stability of the bridge: "Nobody wants to judge how long the bridge remains stable. If the bridge were to be damaged after 3 years, the city would have to bear the costs of the bridge demolition and the closure of the ICE route after the takeover. As a result, 6-digit follow-up costs could come to St. Ingbert. Due to these requirements, the city administration cannot currently take over the bridge".

In the end, however, a long-term solution for the good of St. Ingbert should be negotiated, the administration says in conclusion. The city council of St. Ingbert did not say when the renovation of the bridge should begin.