St. Ingbert: 900 cloth masks distributed - Mayor thanks

Mask examples
A selection of masks Picture: D. Ruppert
Around 20 volunteer seamstresses have sewn makeshift masks in the past few weeks and months. 900 masks were distributed.

This was preceded by the shortages in the single-use protective masks. So far over 900 masks have come together. Diligent seamstresses produced the masks for hours at home on the sewing machines.

The 900 masks were distributed free of charge by employees of the social department to the district hospital in St. Ingbert, old people's homes, nursing services and life support.

The volunteers also sewed for children and adolescents.

The fabrics contributed to private individuals, the seamstresses from the private stock and the Saarpfalzkreis.

Mayor Dr. Ulli Meyer: "900 hand-sewn masks. It is a top performance! Especially in times when the protective material was scarce, nurses in the hospital and in the care facilities could be equipped with the masks. This action shows: The St. Ingberter stick together. I would like to thank all of the seamstresses as well as the employees of the social department and Christina Wieth."

The sewing campaign has not yet ended. Masks are also accepted and distributed to facilities that need them.

Picture sources:

  • Masks: D. Ruppert