Spvgg Quiiev: At home, things continue to run like clockwork

News from Spvgg Quierschied
News from Spvgg Quierschied

Last Saturday VfL Primstal was a guest at the Franzenhaus. Our Wambe wanted to continue to defend the Franzenhaus Fortress and get the next three in front of a home crowd. Coach Thomas Bettinger had to make a few changes again, with three players missing from the back four: Marc Maurer, Jens Lorang and Johannes Reichrath. As has often been the case this season, Qui Various got off to a perfect start. After just 180 seconds, Matthias Krauss was brought down in the penalty area, referee Marius Backes decided on a penalty kick. Mirco Zavaglia grabbed the ball and turned it into an early 1-0. Julian Fernsner had the next chance in the 8th minute, but a shot grazed just above Simon Holz's goal on the left. As a result, Quiigart found it difficult to combine forward and produced some bad passes, so that VfL Primstal also believed more and more in their chance in this game. The first really good guest chance came after 24 minutes, but Karsten Rauber's left-footed shot missed the goal. Otherwise there were fewer highlights in a mediocre game in the Schröder Liga Saar. The sides were changed with the 1-0 for Quiigart.

The picture in the second half was very similar to the one in the first section. Qui Schwier made a few playback errors and did not get through properly. Nevertheless, the Wambe fought hard, in which our captain Dominik Engel drove his team on again and again with many ball wins and forays. Around the 60th minute, Fernsner - who failed because of the strongly reacting keeper - and shortly afterwards Robin Gehring with a header missed the second goal. Then Qui Schwier had bad luck when referee Backes did not see a handball in the Primstaler penalty area. In the 68th minute, Lars Kaula failed with a shot from the post and VfL immediately followed a counterattack. Robin Gehring brought down a guest player, so that there were penalties for the Nordsaarländer. Jonas Caryot did not miss the chance and scored to equalize 1: 1.

Quiersche was annoyed two more times about the referee's decisions. In the 76th minute, Krauss played on Zavaglia, who laid across on Fernsner and he made it 2-1. But the assistant wanted to have seen an offside position, so that this hit was not recognized. Two minutes later, Krauss was knocked off his feet in the penalty area, but the referee said he had seen a swallow and showed Krauss the yellow card. The mood now became very heated and the audience was very angry about these decisions. But they were all real wake-ups for the home eleven, because Qui Various now went up two gears. In the 72nd minute, Zavaglia passed his opponent at great speed, took heart from about 17 meters and shot at it. The ball landed at the bottom left for the much acclaimed 2-1 in the Primstaler Tor. He really wanted to make this goal. Then in the 87th minute the decision. Dominik Engel was brought down in the penalty area, the third penalty in this game. Zavaglia wanted his third goal, took the ball again and made it 3-1. That was the final result. In the end, Qui Schwier wanted to win and achieved it thanks to the great will in the final phase. As already mentioned, Domme Engel stood out with a very strong performance. There was also cause for joy when Samuel Ikas came on, who was able to participate again after a long period of absence.

Triple scorer Mirco Zavaglia celebrates with captain Dominik Engel. Photo: FNS Steven Mohr.

Now our first team is playing two away games: Next Saturday it goes to SC Halberg Brebach (1 p.m.) and the week after to Neunkirchen. We have not yet received any information from viewers for these games, as soon as there is news we will report on our internet platforms.


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