Spvgg Qui Various: Board of Directors fully occupied again!

News from Spvgg Quierschied
News from Spvgg Quierschied

The 19.08.2020 general meeting took place on Wednesday, August 2020th, 2. The meeting was held in the Q.lisse Quiigart, in which all hygiene measures could be correctly implemented. Our 70nd chairman, Klaus Meiser, said thank you to the Quiigart community for this. A good XNUMX members were present to experience a harmonious but also exciting general meeting.

The most important item on the agenda was the additional elections to the board, which we report on below:

With Thomas Spaniol, our sports association has a new 1st chairman. He will succeed Patric Schmidt. Thomas grew up in the Quierschieder sports club, developed into a top striker among the active players and played for many years at a high level in Saarland amateur football. Although he has not lived in Quiigart for many years, he has never lost his connection to Quiigart and now Thomas is at the top of his home club.

Christian “Inge” Meiser is now at the head of the youth department - not to be confused with Christian Meiser from the active department. The father of two sons, who play in the Spvgg youth team themselves, would like to bring a breath of fresh air to the youth department with his new team and has been involved in the work for weeks.

A very important decision for our club was made by Kai Berrang. Match committee "Berry" remains on board in Quiigart!

In terms of sport, but also around it, according to him there must be no standstill. After his short but important break, he appealed to membership in many areas of the club to lend a hand in order to further advance our 115-year-old sports association! The work in the board has to be distributed over many shoulders, all members are encouraged to actively contribute more. Fortunately, with his re-election, a cornerstone will remain.

All three were unanimously elected by the assembly.

Conclusion of the meeting:

With the new election of the aforementioned people, the board is now completely occupied again! Now it is time to face all challenges and to bring the club into a further successful future!


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