Spvgg Qui Various: First on Saturday in Köllerbach - Second Sunday at SC Blies

News from Spvgg Quierschied
News from Spvgg Quierschied

Our first team will be at SF Köllerbach on Saturday at 1:15 p.m. (Kunstrasen, Köllertalstr., 30 Köllerbach). The hosts will be trained by Robin Vogtland again after their one-year commitment in Quiigart. After 66346 games, Köllerbach has 3 points on the account and is, like our Spvgg., Still unbeaten. Before the round, Köllerbach lost a few players, so Robin had to do a little rebuilding with the Sportfreunde.

Our Wambe is absolutely satisfied with the start of the season, but doesn’t want to let up now. The self-confidence has grown, which means that you can travel to the difficult away game with a broad chest, in which our boys want to expand their strong start. Fortunately, the injury hospital is clearing. Marius Schwartz, Manuel Niebergall and Mirco Zavaglia are back in team training. Samuel Ikas runs individual advanced training. That pleases coach Thomas Bettinger, who hopes that after many failures recently, a broader squad will be available for the next few weeks of training and matches.

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Our 2nd team will play on Sunday 15:00 (Attention was previously announced at 16:00 p.m.) at SC Bliesransbach. On the grass pitch (Bliesgersweilerstr., 66271 Bliesransbach) our 2nd team will meet a good opponent who has already played 2 games. On the 1st match day Blies lost in Karlsbrunn, but on the 2nd match day they won an away win in Altenwald. On Sunday, coach Kai Kempf's men will have their first home game.

Our team fought for a 5: 5 on Sunday - and that after a 1: 5 deficit. Despite the great race to catch up, it must be clear that Manu Dillenburger's team shouldn't be so sleepy at the beginning this time, because especially in the first half some players against Auersmacher II were unable to concentrate and made simple mistakes that led to devastating goals against them.

Our Spvgg. Appeals to all spectators to pay attention to the hygiene and distance rules also outside. For the game in Köllerbach, a contact tracking form can be created in advance to avoid queues at the entrance:

Next week = English week! Buy tickets in advance for the Dillingen game on Wednesday in the clubhouse.


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