News from Spvgg Quierschied
News from Spvgg Quierschied

Spvgg Quierschied: Thank you very much!

Football stands for solidarity-cohesion-community

This was particularly evident in the past few months, which were certainly very difficult for everyone in our club.

For this reason, the Spvgg thanks all players, coaches, supervisors, members, friends and sponsors of the club for their loyalty and support in this difficult time!

What's next for our club.

As already reported, the 2019/20 season was canceled for all clubs in the SFV. This decision was certainly not surprising, but it is regrettable that the 2020/21 season is currently difficult to plan due to the pandemic.

What does this mean for our club. Planned income from the Jost & Pilger Cup as well as from the first preparatory game of 1.FC Saarbrücken (in recent years always at Spvvg) must be marked with a big question mark.

It is now paying off that our club has worked very solidly economically in recent years, but the loss of income, even in recent months, is very painful!

The sporting outlook for the next season is very positive.

It became apparent early on that the players of the 1st and 2nd team remained loyal to the club. The new coaching team for active people has also been fixed for a long time. Players and coaches are eagerly waiting for the new season preparation to start somewhat normally!


Children and adolescents were probably the most affected in recent months. From now on, schools and kindergarten were closed. Playing football, our kids' big hobby, was no longer possible. Although training has been possible for a good 3 weeks, of course only to a limited extent in small groups and by far this concept could not be implemented with the younger players due to the infection protection.

We expressly thank the parents for their understanding in this difficult phase.

There are also changes in the organizational and trainer area. The planning is complete and the new team is essentially standing. We will be reporting on this shortly in person at the planned end-of-season celebration for our youth. Of course, we also have to consider the corona framework here.

We will notify the appointment at short notice via the trainer and supervisor or on our website.


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