News from Spvgg Quierschied
News from Spvgg Quierschied

Spvgg Quierschied: Corona continues to stand still

The sports facilities in Germany have been closed for many weeks and the clubs have closed down. So of course also at our sports association. How to proceed is open. The Saarland Football Association was last in contact with the clubs, and also obtained opinions in a survey on how the current season should continue. The result has been available since Sunday. Only 25% voted to continue the round in September (after the major event ban until August 31.08). 70% tended to drop out, but with different ideas about how the season is valued. 5% abstained.

Now the SFV is waiting for what the government will announce in its next statement and is reviewing legal certainty regarding the end of the season. Here, an association day may have to decide, which could then perhaps also take place online.

Health is paramount, but many in our club hope to finally be able to kick the sports field again, or at least to have a perspective.

If there is any news, we will of course get in touch. Until then, stay confident!

Here is the SFV press release from last Sunday:

Opinion poll at the clubs about the game operation
Narrow outcome in four scenarios
On the opinion poll of the Saarland Football Association, how it is with the game operation in
Saarland is to continue, 275 of a total of 370 clubs have participated.
 80 clubs (29%) only spoke in favor of promoters to cancel the season.
 69 clubs (25%) are in favor of continuing the 2019/20 season
 61 clubs (22%) are in favor of canceling the current 2019/20 season
 53 clubs (19%) are in favor of canceling the season with a preliminary round or
current table with promoters and promoters
 12 clubs (5%) could not make any statements at the moment.
The board of the SFV had expressly informed the clubs that the result of the survey
is not a decision, but merely represents an opinion.
The board will now discuss the results.


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