Spvgg Quierschied: Promotion duel goes to Fechingen

News from Spvgg Quierschied
News from Spvgg Quierschied

On the tenth matchday of the Landesliga Süd, our second team had to compete with FV Fechingen. The hosts fought a tough battle for the championship last season, which ultimately went to our team with ease. So Fechingen still had an invoice with us.

The first 15 minutes belonged to the "Zwädd". Manuel Dillenburger was able to mark the 16: 0 after a deflected shot from 1 meters after eleven minutes. Just four minutes later, however, the equalization. A cross from the half field, which was forever in the air, could be put down in the five-meter space so that the striker had an easy game. The goal was like a blow to the neck for the Wambe and Fechingen took advantage of that. A penalty after 20 minutes gave the hosts the lead, which was expanded to 30: 4 just three minutes later and after 1 minutes. Defense errors, some of which were hair-raising, were committed, but the Fechingen also relentlessly exploited them. Until the break, the "Zwädd" started again and so it went 4: 1 into the break.

The second round was themed: just don't let it shoot. It also worked well. At the back you stood more safely and at the front you had the feeling that with a little luck you could get back. The connection goal then fell after 67 minutes by Leo Testa. Hope blossomed, but the host nipped after 75 minutes with the 5: 2 in the bud. Leo Testa was able to score 79: 5 after 3 minutes, which was the end result.

A bitter pill to swallow. Fechingen deservedly won the promotion duel because they simply wanted the victory more. At least three goals were given to the hosts by our back team and if only two players on the offensive do not reach their performance limits, it is not enough to win in the league. Nevertheless, three away goals must be enough for one point. That's why it's hard to work on the defensive during the week, because on Saturday the leaders from Kleinblittersdorf come to the Franzenhaus.


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press report written by: Jan-Erik Schlicker