State and regional associations are calling for the DFB President to resign

The presidents of the state and regional associations of the German Football Association have asked DFB President Fritz Keller to resign.


They withdrew their trust in him and General Secretary Friedrich Curtius at an extraordinary conference in Potsdam, the DFB announced on Sunday. Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge and DFB Vice President Rainer Koch were expressed their trust by the association presidents.

They also made the decision not to hold an extraordinary Bundestag. The decision to withdraw confidence in Keller was made with 26 votes in favor, nine against and two abstentions. The background to this are statements by Keller in the DFB presidium meeting on April 23. "The Conference of Presidents of the Regional and State Associations disapproves of the comparison made by DFB President Fritz Keller between 1st Vice President Rainer Koch and Nazi judge Roland Freisler," said a statement by the state and regional presidents published on Sunday. "Such a statement is completely unacceptable and makes us stunned." You will be condemned in the strongest. The President's statement was also "incompatible with the principles and values ​​of the associations".

Sorry about the Nazi settlement

The public pressure on the DFB had increased massively in the last few days. The 64-year-old DFB President Fritz Keller had to explain after a Nazi settlement in a presidium meeting.

There he named the 1st Vice President Rainer Koch with the Nazi judge Roland Freisler, the chairman of the People's Court under National Socialism.

Keller later apologized to Koch. Secretary General Curtius and Treasurer Osnabrugge had sharply criticized Keller for the Nazi comparison. After "Spiegel" information, Curtius reported the failure of the DFB boss to the association's ethics committee. Nevertheless, they have also withdrawn their trust.

Personal discussion on the fringes of the meeting

On the sidelines of the meeting there was a discussion between Keller and Koch. The apology from Fritz Keller was apparently not accepted by Koch. "Fritz Keller and I exchanged a detailed, respectful conversation in which he once again conveyed his apology to me. I received this apology. I leave an assessment of the matter to the responsible bodies and therefore don't want to comment on the matter further", Rainer Koch is quoted on the website of the DFB.