In the Wirecard case, top SPD politicians stand behind Scholz

Olaf Scholz, about dts
Olaf Scholz, about dts
In view of the ongoing criticism of Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the Wirecard case, top SPD politicians have backed the Federal Finance Minister.

After the scandal became known, Scholz "acted immediately" and already submitted initial reform proposals, said Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) in the "Handelsblatt" (Friday edition). "The most important thing is that we now implement the necessary reforms quickly and consistently in order to effectively prevent such cases in the future."

Lambrecht hopes that the investigative committee that has been applied for will provide a “comprehensive explanation” of the events. “It is important that the reform enthusiasm in parliament is not weakened and that the right consequences are quickly drawn.” Scholz stands for “complete transparency and quick, consistent action”. Brandenburg's Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) does not believe that the parliamentary processing of the Wirecard scandal could become a burden for Scholz in the federal election campaign. Every election campaign has its ups and downs. "I can not imagine that he will bring something to light that will burden Olaf Scholz," said Woidke the "Handelsblatt". He has known Scholz long enough. The Vice Chancellor is someone who fulfills his duties with great discipline. Woidke called the proceedings at Wirecard a "large-scale fraud". It is good that this is now in the hands of the judiciary. "The Wirecard managers have obviously duped not only German, but also international authorities." That must now be clarified.

“And it's perfectly fine if the committee of inquiry can help.” Lambrecht doesn't see that Scholz should have made the Wirecard case a top priority earlier. In response to a corresponding question, the Justice Minister said: "There is a legally prescribed procedure for such a case, and that was followed exactly." instructed.

This procedure was decided unanimously by Parliament in 2004. "Today we know that this is not enough when there is a high level of criminal energy and that the balance sheet control system must be changed."