SPD Secretary General Against Return to “Global Bipolarity”

Lars Klingbeil, about dts
Lars Klingbeil, about dts
SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil warns that the European Union is entering into a new bipolar world order with the USA and China.

Both countries are currently exerting pressure to opt for a site, Klingbeil wrote in a guest post for the T-Online news portal. "But returning to global bipolarity cannot be the right way for Germany and Europe."

A path of risky polarization that ends in a new Cold War "should be refused from the start." Instead of friend-foe thinking, Klingbeil advocates a “triad of partnership, competition and system rivalry” vis-à-vis China. When it comes to climate protection and peacekeeping, the EU has “strong common interests with China”, writes Klingbeil. In the areas of business, trade, research and technology "we will confidently accept the competition with China". Our views on democracy and human rights “are fundamentally different”. Klingbeil demanded: "Instead of saber rattles, we need a robust commitment to our values ​​and interests in China policy." And the SPD politician warned: "In a new Cold War we can only lose."

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