SPD parliamentary deputy criticizes Austria's stance on Moria

Austrian Parliament, about dts
Austrian Parliament, about dts
The strict refusal of the Austrian government to accept refugees from the burned down Greek camp Moria in Europe has led to sharp criticism in the SPD.

"The categorical refusal of the black-green government in Austria to take in refugees from Moria is unbearable and cynical," said Achim Post, SPD parliamentary deputy and general secretary of the Social Democratic Party of Europe (SPE), the "editorial network Germany" (Thursday editions). "Why the Austrian Greens let Chancellor Kurz ignore them politically in refugee policy is a mystery to me."

Post called on the Greens in Germany to increase the pressure on the Austrian sister party. "I expect the German Greens to find clear words for their Austrian party friends," said the Social Democrat. What is needed now is a rapid joint European relief effort, in which as many states as possible participate, demanded Post. “This applies to local humanitarian aid as well as the willingness to take in refugees from Moria in Germany and other European countries. Anything else would be a declaration of bankruptcy for the European community of values. "

Previously, Austria's Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg had spoken out against accepting migrants from the refugee camp in Moria, which had been badly destroyed by fire. "We have to be very careful not to send out signals here that would then trigger a chain reaction that we may no longer be able to control," the non-party politician said on Wednesday evening on the ORF news program "ZiB2".