Euro notes, about dts
Euro notes, about dts

SPD boss: Minimum wage increase "far from enough"

SPD leader Saskia Esken has criticized the increase in the minimum wage recommended by the minimum wage commission as too low.

"No, that's far from enough," Esken told the T-Online news portal. A target of twelve euros has long been formulated.

"And even this goal is actually a moving one because wages are rising." The minimum wage commission recommended on Tuesday that the minimum wage should increase in four stages by July 1, 2022 from currently 9,35 euros to 10,45 euros. After the first increase on January 1, 2021, it would initially be EUR 9,50. "The minimum wage must offer a minimum level of protection," Esken said. "He is not doing that at the moment, and he will not be doing so with the recommended increase." The minimum wage must rise more. Esken claimed independence for the minimum wage commission, but demanded that it fully utilize its legal scope. "The minimum wage commission has adopted rules of procedure that limit this scope."

Esken said that the Commission was very committed to general wage developments in its recommendations. The SPD leader suggests that the commission change its rules of procedure and, in addition to wage developments, also include the goal of minimum protection as a criterion. Esken does not rule out changes to the law either: "And if we evaluate the minimum wage law in the fall, we will see whether it needs to be developed further."

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