Söder calls for stricter rules for schools

School with Corona
School with Corona
The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) calls for stricter and uniform rules for schools ahead of the Corona summit of the state heads of government with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday.

"I am promoting that we introduce the mask requirement everywhere," said Söder of the "Bild-Zeitung". Anyone who wants to keep school open has to put on the masks, "also in elementary school".

The CSU chairman also stated that one had to “rework intensively on the subject of schools”. Söder continues: "If it came to alternating lessons, especially for older students, then the question would be: How can we then continue to design the digital format?" warned that "we will lose ourselves in small and small". The goal is to keep school and daycare open. “But the number of infections is also increasing there. And the temperature among those involved in the school family is also rising. Teachers versus parents, parents versus teachers. School authorities who feel overwhelmed. "

That is not productive in the long run: "We need more common ground."

At the same time, Söder urged more understanding for the current generation of students and warned of excessive pressure to perform: “I hear so much about the fact that teachers now quickly have a few exams written. This pressure to perform ultimately leads to an unfair school year. But we need a fair school year. "Söder pointed out:" The young people had a bad summer, a bad year. A young generation has never been so restricted since the Second World War as it is now. "