Since June 22.06nd: Stadtwerke Sulzbach open to customers

The Stadtwerke Sulzbach inform
The Stadtwerke Sulzbach inform
As of today, the Stadtwerke Sulzbach have reopened to customer traffic by telephone.

There are some restrictions due to corona.

To ensure the supply of energy and water even during the pandemic, personal contact with the customer service staff had been temporarily suspended. However, the service was still available by phone.

The current Corona development allows the customer service staff to be personally available to their customers again.

As is already known from medical practices, rules of conduct must be observed that protect both the customers and the employees of the plants from possible infection:

  1. For a visit to the customer advisor, an appointment by telephone is mandatory.
  2. The Stadtwerke may only enter people who are not ill.
  3. Mouthguards must be worn during the entire stay.
  4. When entering, the hands on the dispenser must be disinfected.
  5. All visitors must register with the information.
  6. A distance of at least 1,5 meters must be kept from employees and other visitors.

If you would like to make a personal appointment with Sulzbacher Stadtwerke's customer service, please contact:
Ms. Bless phone 06897 575-146
Mr. conveyor phone 06897 575-145

The Stadtwerke would like to thank their customers for their prudent behavior and their understanding of the Corona measures.

Picture sources:

  • Stadtwerke Sulzbach inform: Peter Diersch