Serious traffic accident between Wallerfangen and Rehlingen with a seriously injured cyclist / cyclist wearing no helmet

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Wallerfangen (ots) - On the L 170 between Wallerfangen and Rehlingen there was a serious traffic accident on Thursday morning in which a cyclist was seriously injured.

An 81-year-old cyclist from Dillingen intended to drive from Dillingen to Wallerfangen and disregarded the right of way of a 170-year-old car driver from Rehlingen when turning from Bückenstrasse onto the L 65. In the collision of the two vehicles, the cyclist's head hit the windshield of the car. The cyclist suffered an open traumatic brain injury and was taken to a nearby clinic. There is danger to life. The severity of the injury is also due to the fact that he was not wearing a bicycle helmet.

The driver also had to receive medical care on site because of a shock.

Property damage occurred to both vehicles.

The L 170 between Wallerfangen and Brückenstraße had to be closed for several hours in order to record the accident and clear the road.

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Posted by: Saarlouis police inspection

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