Serious traffic accident between Saarbahn and car

Saarbrücken-Rastpfuhl (ots) - In the afternoon of November 06.11.2020th, 66113, there was a traffic accident between a car and a Saarbahn train in Lebacher Strasse near the junction with “Im Knappenroth” in 15 Saarbrücken. The driver of the car, occupied by three people, initially drove out of town on Lebacher Strasse and, contrary to the prohibition, wanted to turn over the Saarbahntrasse in order to drive back towards the city center. He overlooked the Saarbahn, which was also driving out of town, so that the result was a collision between the car and the Saarbahn. The Saarbahn pushed the car about XNUMX meters in front of it before it was jammed between the Saarbahn train and a catenary mast on the route. All occupants of the car were injured, one of them seriously. The Saarbahnführer suffered a shock. In the course of the traffic accident recording, Saarbahn traffic came to a complete standstill, and Lebacher Strasse had to be completely closed while the car was being recovered. There were also traffic delays in the evening rush hour. The amount of damage is estimated at a six-figure amount.

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Posted by: Saarbrücken-Burbach police inspection

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