Serious traffic accident on the L 158

| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern

Merzig (ots) - On Friday night, around 03:40 am, a serious traffic accident occurred on Landstrasse 158, between Mettlach and “Kleiner Potsdamer Platz”, about 300 meters before the departure to Brotdorf. A patrol car from the Merzig police station was driving the L 158 in the direction of Losheim when a Citroen panel van approached the officers in their lane at the end of a long left-hand bend. In order to prevent a head-on collision with the Citroen, the police officer had to fully brake the patrol car and swerve to the left. The Citroen then came off the road with no brakes, fell several meters down an embankment and collided head-on with a tree in the forest. The police officers were able to extinguish an incipient vehicle fire on the crashed van immediately. At the same time, the trapped and seriously injured driver was rescued from the vehicle involved in the accident. After initial treatment by the police officers, the 18-year-old driver with severe head injuries was transferred to a Trier hospital. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the young driver on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol.

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