Gunshots at pedestrians

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

66822 Lebach, Dillinger Straße (ots) - TZ: 11.07.2020, around 22: 50h TO: 66822 Lebach, Dillinger Straße, iH No. 61 (bakery)

Injured: 1 x male, 35 years, uninjured
1 x female, 32 years, slightly injured The two injured persons (residents anchor center) walked on July 11.07.2020th, 22, around 50:61 pm, on foot through Dillinger Strasse, towards anchor center. At level 1 (bakery) a white BMW coming from the anchor center (possibly type 2, license plate not read, occupied by 4 male people) slowed down. The passenger held a pistol (apparently an airsoft weapon) from the open side window and aimed in the direction of the injured party. The passenger fired XNUMX shots at the injured, one bullet hitting the woman's forehead and slightly injuring her. (Medical treatment not required) The car then moved quickly towards the Saarbrücker Straße distribution district.

A perpetrator-victim relationship has not yet been established. At the scene of the crime, 2 green and one white airsoft ball could be secured. Corresponding investigations / criminal proceedings have been initiated.

Please send information to PI-Lebach, 06881/5050.

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