Fight with several people and injured in Saarbrücken-Altenkessel

| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern

Saarbrücken-Altenkessel (ots) - On September 03.09.2020rd, 19, around 25:18 pm, the police were informed by several emergency calls about a fight in front of a kebab shop in Saarbrücken-Altenkessel, Alleestraße. There should have been several people involved in this brawl and there would have been injuries. The site was immediately visited by several police units. According to the current state of the investigation, three men had consumed alcohol in a shisha bar opposite the kebab shop for 19pm. At around 20:XNUMX pm there was an argument between the drunk three men and guests in the bar. In the course of the physical confrontation, bottles and furnishings in the restaurant were broken. As a result, the brawl shifted to the street, where it was continued with the use of chairs. After guests from the kebup shop across the street wanted to arbitrate, they too became involved in the fight. Ultimately, three people were so injured (suspected cheekbone fracture, laceration on the back of the head, facial injury after being hit in the face with a beer bottle) that they had to be treated in hospital.

The police are investigating suspected dangerous bodily harm.

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