Brawl in Perler discount stores

| Image: Ingelheim police inspection

Perl (ots) - The distance regulation of the pandemic regulation was the reason for the use of the police and the rescue helicopter Christoph 16 in a Perler discount store. On August 11th, around noon, in the queue for empties to be handed in, a customer expressed displeasure towards the man behind him with regard to the distance to be maintained, which was also accompanied by insults of various kinds. In the absence of a change in behavior on the part of the offended person to maintain the distance, his counterpart felt compelled to address him again in an offensive manner, which, however, now brought him a "whistle" because of the provocations. The counter-reaction promptly followed with several punches against the head of the opponent, which, according to witnesses, were carried out with what was described as terrifying brutality. The severe facial injuries that occurred in the process triggered the use of the rescue helicopter and the treatment of the seriously injured person in the intensive care unit of the Winterbergkliniken Saarbrücken. Both protagonists are now awaiting criminal charges.

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