A whopping 5-0 win at the promoted team

News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

Our Spvgg. Won their away game at the newly promoted Blieshaben-Bolchen on Saturday with 5: 0. The outstanding actor was Matthias Krauss, who scored 4 hits.

“Quantities” began very enthusiastically and knew how to please in the first 20 minutes. So the home eleven came dangerously in front of Benny Schmitt's box at one point or another.

Quiersche got more and more access and was able to take the lead with the first chance in the 27th minute. Domme Engel cleared Lars Kaula, who played on Krauss and who hit the left to make it 1-0 for the Wambe.

Blieshaben looked shocked and from then on saw numerous attacks rolling towards his gate. In the 35th minute, Krauss scored 2-0 after a wonderful pass from Julian Fernsner. Fernsner himself was close to a goal in the 38th minute, but goalkeeper Marco Curcio defused his shot from 22 yards. In the 41st minute, a wonderful move to make it 3-0. Luca Lambert played to Johannes Hell, who brought the ball in and again executed Krauss. Shortly before the break, a shot by Fernsner went very thinly past the post. Blieshaben was happy that it was half time.

In the second half you noticed the will of the home eleven to add a shovel. Qui Various needed something again to get in.

In the 67th minute almost 4-0 for Spvgg., But a cross pass from Lambert was too high for the substitute Mirco Zavaglia. But after 77 minutes the final decision. Jens Lorang failed to Curcio, the rebound landed at Krauss and he scored to 4-0. 4 goals in a row - a great day for the man who was replaced afterwards. In the 81st minute Aldo Testa, substituted for Krauss, scored the 5-0. His shot from the left landed in the far corner. Shortly before the final whistle, almost the sixth Quierschieder hit, but after Lorang flank Zavaglia headed over it.

Then it was over. Qui Schwier delivered a ripped off performance and thus clearly won the league newcomer. The cup game in Hanweiler is on Wednesday and next Sunday the FV Bischmisheim league comes to Quiigart.


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