Trailer accident in Rissenthal

Losheim am See (ots) - The influence of alcohol was probably the cause of a serious truck accident on November 06.11.2020th, 16 shortly before 377 p.m. on the L 50 between Rissenthal and Losheim am See. The 377-year-old driver of the pair laden with sand came off the road in the direction of Losheim on a downhill stretch in a left curve to the right. The trailer tipped over, the tractor stopped in the opposite direction of travel in the final position of the accident. The cargo spilled both onto the roadway and into the green area on the right. In the driver who lives in Beckingen, the police officers deployed from PI Nordsaarland determined that the breath alcohol level was clearly in the range of absolute driving incapacity. The L XNUMX is fully closed for tidying up and cleaning work until further notice. The driver of the trailer, who was uninjured in the traffic accident, was taken to a clinic as a precaution. Specially trained traffic service officials were involved in the accident record. The driver's license was withheld, and the amount of property damage has not yet been determined.

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Originally written by: Police inspection in North Saarland

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