The satirical party “The Party” is now represented in the Bundestag

Backbenchers in the Bundestag, about dts
Backbenchers in the Bundestag, about dts
The satirical party "The Party" is now represented in the Bundestag.

The former SPD politician Marco Bülow from Dortmund has defected to "Die Party". Bülow said that to the “editorial network Germany” (Tuesday edition).

He wants to defend his direct mandate in the federal election in 2021. Bülow has been a member of the Bundestag since 2002, was a member of the SPD until 2018, and has since been non-party and non-party. Bülow told the RND: “The“ party ”manages to interest people in politics who have actually already switched off. This is a very important role beyond any satire. Many people who have once voted for the SPD do not go to the other parties, but usually no longer vote at all. "Not voting has a large social component, adds the social politician:" In the 'better' neighborhoods, voter turnout is consistently high, but Not only do we have districts in Dortmund, where only 20 percent still vote. The people there are saying goodbye to politics and democracy. ”He and the“ party ”went well together, said Bülow. “I'm not known as a satirical MP, but there is a parallel between putting a finger in the wound and questioning the whole system. Perhaps one day, like Martin Sonneborn, I will add a `winking smiley` to a declaration, I would also include Sonneborn quotes. Winkersmiley. ”“ The party ”boss Sonneborn, currently a member of the European Parliament, wants to get involved in the 2021 federal election campaign.

He told the RND: “I could run as a candidate. Fortunately, there are two of us in Brussels, and Nico Semsrott has to stay in order not to leave the EU to the leyen. I am currently considering winning the direct mandate in Kreuzberg. "