Sassoli with high expectations of the German EU Council Presidency

At the beginning of the German EU Council Presidency, David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, expressed high expectations.

"The focus of Chancellor Merkel makes me look more positively into the future," said the Italian social democrat of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (Wednesday edition). The federal government is setting the right priorities by first focusing on the billion-dollar corona reconstruction plan and the EU budget.

According to Sassoli, "the EU should be shaped in such a way that it becomes more modern and better equipped for future crises". According to Sassoli, Angela Merkel's mission, which will give a speech in the Brussels European Parliament on July 8th about the German plans, is to implement Chancellor Helmut Kohl's motto: “We do not need a German Europe, but a European Germany . ” He was impressed that Merkel wanted to use German leadership so that all Europeans could benefit: "It focuses on the goals that affect all of us, such as migration, green deal and climate protection, and the question of enlargement." It is important to the EU Parliament that Europe does not weaken the corona crisis. Sassoli contradicts the impression that Germany now has a bad reputation due to the lack of solidarity at the start of the Corona pandemic in its home country of Italy. He was convinced that the announcements by the EU Commission, the actions of the European Parliament, the aid measures already decided and the signals from the Chancellor would give encouragement: “They give Italians hope to trust a Europe that is helpful for their everyday life and the future." The federal government quickly understood that no country could cope with the corona crisis alone. Germany has always been committed to developing a common policy, has been helpful and has taken in patients from France or Italy, for example, said Sassoli. Sassoli was "very, very concerned" about the status of the deadlocked Brexit talks. He described the chaotic no-deal Brexit scenario as “not only very dangerous, but even likely”. Unfortunately, the British government has so far shown too little ambition and enthusiasm, which is disappointing. The Italian warns British Prime Minister Boris Johnson against creating illusions: “We Europeans will not give anything away and will not take a step back. For us, the internal market is very important, even precious. ” No one in Britain should hope to be able to share Europe: "The EU-27 are very united, also in support for negotiator Michel Barnier." The European Parliament has a right of veto and must approve any agreement between the United Kingdom and the EU.

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