Property damage and theft

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Wollbachstraße, 66386 St. Ingbert (ots) - On Thursday, August 27.08.2020th, 09, between 00:15 a.m. and 00:18 p.m., it occurred in Wollbachstraße in St. Ingbert at the level of the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium the parking areas opposite the sports field to theft and damage to property. The unknown perpetrator stole the two handlebar mirrors of a motorcycle belonging to the 150-year-old victim during the said period. When unscrewing the mirror, the perpetrator probably damaged one of the two threads. According to initial findings, the amount of damage is EUR XNUMX.

Should residents, passers-by or especially pupils of the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium be able to provide relevant information, please contact the St. Ingbert Police Station on 06894/1090.

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