Property damage to a toll pillar

| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters

B48, Bretzenheim (ots) - Probably in the night of September 11.09.2020th, 12.09.2020 to September 02th, 00 around 48:5.000 a.m. there was a toll pillar at the edge of the BXNUMX lane, approximately at the level of the "Field of Jammers" (Bretzenheim district, between the road and the cycle path ) to a not inconsiderable property damage. One or more unknown perpetrators applied spray paint to several camera lenses, so that the device is no longer functional. The property damage is estimated at at least XNUMX EUR.

The Bad Kreuznach police station asks for information from the population as to who made suspicious observations in this area that night. Witnesses are asked to contact the local police station.

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Originally written by: Bad Kreuznach Police Directorate

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