SV Elversberg: Coach Horst Steffen extends in Elversberg

The cooperation between SV Elversberg and Horst Steffen will continue beyond the current season. The SVE prematurely canceled the 52-year-old coach's contract, which expired this summer [...]


The cooperation between SV Elversberg and Horst Steffen will continue beyond the current season. The SVE has extended the contract of the 52-year-old coach, which expires this summer, by two more years until summer 2023.

Horst Steffen has been working in Elversberg for around two and a half years - at the end of October 2018 he took over the coaching position at SVE, before that, the former Bundesliga professional and current football teacher worked at Chemnitzer FC, Preußen Münster and the Stuttgarter Kickers, among others. In his first season in Elversberg, Steffen led the team from eleventh place in the table to fourth after one of the strongest regional league second rounds in the club's history. In the past 2019/2020 season, SVE was in second place in the table when the season was canceled due to the corona pandemic. Also in the current season the team is in the top group of the Regionalliga Südwest. The biggest success so far with Horst Steffen as coach came this season in the DFB Cup, in which SVE defeated the second division FC St. Pauli 4-2 last September and made it into the second main round for the fourth time in the club's history of the competition.

“We see in Horst Steffen a technically and personally strong trainer, under whose direction we can and will keep an eye on our overall goals. The step of extending the contract at an early stage is a basis on which we want to build, "says SVE sports director Ole Book:" The confidence that we found the right coach for our club in Horst Steffen over two years ago is great. And an important key to long-term success is also continuity and consistency. That is why we look forward to continuing to work together towards our goals. "Horst Steffen adds:" I took on the position of coach at SVE during a very exciting phase, but from the start I worked for this club and in a close environment I got to know and appreciate in the following months and years, immediately felt very comfortable. The daily work with the team, my coaching team and the entire club and its employees always bring great joy and new motivation. We already have an eventful time behind us together, and I am looking forward to the experiences that will await us in the future. "


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