SV Elversberg: Emich and Frank extend the Elversberger U21

SV Elversberg has extended the contracts of U21 coach Marco Emich and his assistant coach Christian Frank by one year at an early stage. The team remains in the [...]


SV Elversberg has extended the contracts of U21 coach Marco Emich and his assistant coach Christian Frank, which expired in the summer, by one year. The team will therefore remain with the Oberliga team in Elversberg for the next 2021/2022 season.

Marco Emich (47) and Christian Frank (35) have now been in Elversberg for three and a half years. In the summer of 2017, Emich, who had previously coached FSV Jägersburg, took over the role of the U21s, who at that time still played in the Saarland League. Frank came to SVE from SV Röchling Völklingen and has been an assistant coach at the U21 ever since. After both had finished their first season in Elversberg in tenth place in the table, the duo celebrated the championship and promotion to the top division with the U21s in the following season 2018/2019. The team played a strong role there last season and was in third place in the table when the season was canceled due to the outbreak of the corona pandemic. In the current season, which is currently paused, the Elversberg runner-up in the southern season of the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz / Saar has been able to play nine games and collect twelve points.

“For the U21s, as the foundation of the professional team, it is important, on the one hand, that the team plays at the highest possible level for good overall development, and on the other hand, that our talents are promoted in their development as best as possible in the last training level. Marco Emich and Christian Frank as a team do a very good job in both respects here in Elversberg, ”says Jens Kiefer, head of the SVE's Saar youth training center. Marco Emich adds: “Especially at the moment it is a nice signal that the association wants to continue working with us. Conversely, working with the young team is very varied and we also enjoy it. We look forward to being able to attack with the team again next season. "


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press report written by: Christina John


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