SVE women 2nd team: "We want to get out of this break super fit"

A license holder Pascal Völkle has been with SV Elversberg and SV Göttelborn since the beginning of the joint women's soccer project in summer 2018 and, as co-trainer for women 1 and in the […]


A license holder Pascal Völkle has been involved since the beginning of the joint women's soccer project of SV Elversberg and SV Göttelborn in summer 2018 and contributes his expertise as co-trainer for women 1 and in the department management. During the Corona break, Völkle, who pays great attention to the athletic training of the players, is particularly challenged.

IMG_5941Due to the current regulations, the training had to be stopped. How do you deal with it in the girls and women department?

Völkle: A lack of team training is obviously not nice for anyone, we would much rather be on the pitch. But it does offer the chance to offer a fairly well-controlled athletic and conditioning training. Accordingly, we want all teams to come out of this break super fit.

What experiences did you gain during the Corona break in spring, and how can you benefit from it now?

Völkle: During the break in spring, we already focused on the athletic area and saw that our players have in some cases significantly expanded their potential. We can now use the training and organizational forms that we have used and further develop them. And we hope that the effects will be even greater than in spring, although hopefully the break won't be that long.

What role does communication with the players play during the break from training?

Völkle: Communication with the players is the be-all and end-all. It ensures that a trusting relationship is built up between the player and the coach and is therefore the basis of our joint work. Especially at this time, when personal contacts are not going as usual, as a coach you should regularly exchange ideas with each player in order to get a feeling for how to deal with the current situation, to motivate in between to listen, to make a joke and laugh together. The relationship with the players has to be cultivated and we do that every day.

Please give us an insight into which elements are included in the current training plans?

Völkle: We give out weekly plans with running and strength units. We control the runs using individual time specifications for certain routes or intervals. In the strength sector, we are currently working a lot with videos, including our own.

What is the standard of the training in the current break?

Völkle: The aspiration must always be maximum, that's what we stand for as an association. Every player must aim to emerge stronger from such a phase.

You have been very successful in women's football since 2012 with a short break. How important is athletic training, especially in the youth sector?

Völkle: The athletic training is extremely important for the development of players. You only develop further when you play. And you only play when you are healthy. That means: the body must be able to withstand the load, it must be trained for the load. And at the same time it is also the case that in a competitive situation, the physical condition is always a decisive factor. If I am in better physical shape than my competitor, then I will be given preference in many positions in football. Regular and individual athletic training from the age of twelve is essential to prevent injuries and to achieve high goals. This has not really caught on in girls' football, which is why it is also one of the main focuses in the training of our youth players.


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press report written by: Christina John


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