SVE U21: U21 prevail against Saar 05 at home

It was hard work, but it paid off: On Saturday our U21 won the Saarlandliga home game against SV Saar 05 2-0 (0-0). This leaves our […]


It was hard work, but it paid off: On Saturday our U21 won the Saarlandliga home game against SV Saar 05 2-0 (0-0). Our second from coach Marco Emich thus remains at the top of the table with three games to go, still two points ahead of the pursuer SF Köllerbach.

A48H5153"It was the expected balanced game against Saar 05," said coach Emich later. Especially in the first half, both teams played at eye level on the artificial turf on the Kaiserlinde, and thanks to two good defensive lines there were few chances. Kai Merk and Mike Scharwath had the two biggest opportunities to lead the SVE in the first half, but their degrees just missed the Saarbrücker Tor.

"In the second half we got into the game a little better," said Emich. Our U21s now showed that they really wanted this home win and put more pressure on. Shortly after the restart, Nico Floegel took a shot on goal, but the ball still brushed the crossbar out of bounds. A little later Moritz Koch hit a nice cross, but Kai Merk pushed the ball just past the goal. In the 55th minute the ball finally wriggled in the net! This time our second showed a nice attack over the wing, Mike Scharwath brought the cross in front of goal, and this time Kai Merk did better and scored the celebrated 1-0! A good ten minutes later, our team then stepped up: this time Floegel started on the right to counterattack, did strong preparatory work by leaving two opponents standing and then, standing alone in front of guest goalkeeper Marc Birkenbach, unselfishly pushed back on the free-standing Merk - and the finished directly to 2-0 (66th)! A little later, our second had the chance to make everything clear with a foul penalty, but Birkenbach was able to parry the penalty. "It would have been the final decision, so Saar 05 naturally tried everything again in the end to score the connecting goal," said Emich: "But we stood relatively well, so there weren't too many precarious situations." The guests from Saarbrücken were mostly still dangerous by standards, especially with the corner kicks that were shot strongly, but our team defended courageously and safely. "Our team really showed a very cohesive performance", praised Emich: "We are satisfied and also happy that we won this difficult game against a good opponent."

In a week our U21 will continue with a difficult game. On Monday, May 06th, our second will compete against fifth in the table SV Mettlach in the evening game at 19.00 p.m.


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press report written by: Christina John


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