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On this Sunday our Wambe got to do with the FV 09 Bischmisheim. The guests started the round with 8 points from 6 games much better than last season and after numerous reinforcements in the summer, our Spvgg. Classified them as a difficult opponent to play on. And the guests proved that ...

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On this Sunday our Wambe got to do with the FV 09 Bischmisheim. With 8 points from 6 games, the guests started the round much better than last season and after numerous reinforcements in the summer, our Spvgg. Classified them as a difficult opponent.

And the guests also proved that in the first half. Against our goal-hungry team so far this season, Bischmisheim was compact and only attacked our team from the middle line. Accordingly, our team initially found it difficult to find gaps in the opposing half. And so, after a balanced initial phase, a stroke of genius was needed to take the lead. Jens Lorang played a soulful ball into the penalty area. Julian Fernsner processed the pass so skillfully, despite his back to the goal, that he came from the left edge of the penalty area to shoot. And from the turn, "Jule" hit the right angle to make it 1-0. A dream goal!

After that Quiigart had one or two inattentions, and now and then came a step too late. This also caused some foul play that enabled the opponent to set standards. In addition, Jens Lorang had to leave the field early because of the risk of a yellow-red card. For him, Johannes Hell came into play. Hell delivered a great pass in the 38th minute to Mirco Zavaglia, who was playing again for the first time. He headed for the gate and instead of locking it, played across Matthias Krauss. Meddy had time, but now saw some opponents cavorting on the goal line. Nevertheless, he got the shot well, but the ball went over it.

After that Fernsner had two degrees, the 2-0 was indicated. And fell in the 44th minute. After Fernsner's corner kick, Zavaglia rose and headed the Wambe for a second goal. Then it was halftime.

Right at the beginning of the second half, “Zava” had the third goal on the slipper. But with the weaker left foot he could not outsmart the rushing Lennart Röder in the Bischmisheimer Tor.

Now Qui Schwier had two more very good chances. Both Krauss and Hell appeared on the right in front of the gate, but gave the big things to 3-0. And so many Quierschieder fans already suspected that this might give the opponent the chance to get back into the game. And that's exactly what happened in the 56th minute. After a foul there was a penalty for the guests. Christoph Fuhr started up and made it 2-1. Shortly afterwards, Bischmisheim had a huge chance of equalizing. But our captain Dominik Engel saved on the line at the last second.

At the right point in time, Quiigart went a step further and scored in the 68th minute to make it 3-1. Zavaglia with a nice pass to Hell, who crossed from the left on the far post and Fernsner tied the double with his second goal. That was the preliminary decision in the meanwhile bad weather.

With the final whistle, Zavaglia also scored a double. After fouling Engel on the left corner flag, the captain grabbed the free kick himself. He brought this in soulfully, Zavaglia brought the leather under control and scored with a nice left-footed shot to make it 4-1.

A deserved victory for the Wambe, who had to survive a few critical minutes after missing the best chances at the beginning of the second half. With 14 points from 7 games our team jumped to 2nd place in the table in the Schröder League Saar. A great start from our boys and trainer Thomas Bettinger!

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This is what winners look like! Photo: Willi Jost.

The next Sunday it goes to the Saarschleife to SV Mettlach (15 p.m.). Tickets are normally available at the box office there.


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