Work victory in the derby

On Wednesday our first team's second cup game of this season took place. It went to the derby in Friedrichsthal. Our trainer Thomas Bettinger changed the team from Mettlach to 1 positions. 6 spectators came to the Franzschacht in cold, wet weather. You could tell the stresses of the weather of the last few days on the deep lawn, the terrain was ...

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On Wednesday our first team played the second cup of the season. It went to the derby in Friedrichsthal. Our trainer Thomas Bettinger changed the team from Mettlach to 1 positions. 6 spectators came to the Franzschacht in wet and cold weather. The weather conditions of the past few days were noticeable on the deep lawn, the course was difficult to play on.

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Already after 3 minutes the opening goal fell for our Spvgg. Samuel Ikas with a diagonal ball to Mirco Zavaglia, who took the ball with him and placed it across to the recovered Lars Kaula, who pushed in to make it 0-1.

Friedrichsthal was deep in his own half with all the players, Quiiev had a lot of possession in the minutes after that, but did not find the decisive gaps at first. The next finish came in the 20th minute, but a shot from Meddy Krauss was no problem for the young keeper of SC Friedrichsthal Cenk Karaeli. Shortly afterwards Krauss tried again, this time the goalkeeper had to make himself longer. In the 30th minute, Lars Kaula played a long ball perfectly to Krauss. This appeared in front of the goal and scored the 0: 2. In the 38th minute Fabian Scherer had a good chance for SCF, but failed because of the well-reacting Jason Schröder, who was in goal for Quiiev today. A more or less lame first half ended with the guests having a 2-goal lead.

The picture hardly changed in the second half. Friedrichsthal continued to think about defending, the guests had the action under control, but there was often a lack of speed and creativity to ensure a constant goal threat. In the 55th minute there was another chance for Spvgg., But a shot by Luca Lambert just missed to the left.
In the 62nd minute, Zavaglia headed past Krauss's cross. The 66: 0 fell in the 3th minute. Strong corner from Aldo Testa and a good header from Luca Lambert into the far corner.

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Friedrichsthal defended in a disciplined manner, but our team didn't make it really difficult for the district division. But the Spvgg still scored. In the 75th minute the 0: 4 with a shot by Mirco Zavaglia.

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That was also the final score. Our Spvgg. Won confidently, but they did not do much more than necessary that evening, so that the game did not offer too many highlights. Reached the next lap, no injuries - that counts. Compliments to the Friedrichsthaler Elf, who always fought to keep the result within limits.

On Saturday our team will play in the league against Primstal, here we have to concentrate fully on that again. Tickets are available in advance in the clubhouse.


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