Associations may use Q.lisse free of charge for meetings

The municipality of Quierschied announces that they will make the Q.Lisse event hall available to clubs free of charge until the end of the year.


For many clubs in all areas such as sports, culture or social issues, coping with everyday tasks during the corona pandemic is difficult. For example, in some cases it is not possible to hold important general meetings due to the necessary number of participants, because the club's own or other premises are not sufficient to comply with the applicable distance rules.

The municipality of Quierschied can remedy this. Associations from all boroughs, i.e. Quierschied, Fischbach-Camphausen and Göttelborn, can now use the Q.lisse in Quierschied for general meetings. The municipality will make its event hall available free of charge until the end of the year.

The size of the hall also allows clubs with a large number of members to hold important meetings in compliance with the distance and hygiene rules.

Picture sources:

  • Foyer Q.Lisse: Quierschied community