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From left to right: A. Wagner (Stadtbauamt), H. Schmidt (Min. f. Inn., Building and Sport of the Saarland), H.-W. Schulz (Min. For Inn., Building and Sport of the Saarland), Mayor R. Schultheis, L.-C. Uhlig (Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research), R. Schmell (Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research) at the on-site appointment at the legal protection room - The House of Solidarity is recognized at the federal level

Ministerial visit to the legal protection room

After the legal protection hall was promised a million dollar amount through the national funding program “National Projects of Urban Development”, representatives of ministries and administration met at the legal protection hall for coordination discussions.

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Saarland full of energy
Sulzbach / Saar

The ADFC and Stadtwerke Sulzbach / Saar: Bicycle climate test on September 11th

With the “Climate test for bicycles in Sulzbach” campaign, the ADFC would like to draw attention to the sustainable bicycle and use questionnaires to find out how popular it is. The day of action will take place on Friday, September 11th in front of the Edeka Markt Hoffmann & Konrad at the Quierschieder Weg shopping center from 11 a.m. to 15 p.m.

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