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After a degenerate showman demo: Are there any legal steps now?

A demonstration by showmen in Saarbrücken got out of hand on Thursday. There were numerous violations of agreements, the police spoke of "massive disruptive actions" including road blockades. A fire brigade vehicle is also said to have been blocked during an emergency drive. Now it should come to advertisements.

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The left during the GWA visit

The left: focus on poverty, social counseling and corona

"If one has to draw a conclusion from the visit to the community work in Burbach, then it will be that we must continue to work vigorously for the expansion of social counseling in the future," said the group leader of the DIE LINKE parliamentary group. in the regional association, Jürgen Trenz. The left announces to apply for two more full-time positions for GWA-Burbach.

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Police union sharply criticizes Saarbrücken OB Conradt

A video about an alleged case of police violence at the "Goldene Bremm" border crossing in Saarbrücken last Friday continues to make waves. Now the police union is resisting and condemning the “scandalization” and “politicizing propaganda” of Saarbrücken's Mayor Uwe Conradt.

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