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Photo from left Lars Bleymehl, Ivonne Dohm, Samuel Müller, Dirk Dohm

Schiffweiler karate athletes bring World Cup medals from Athens

The “World Kickboxing and Karate Union” took place in Athens, Greece, between October 25.10 and October 30.10.2018, 1800. More than 39 athletes from XNUMX nations competed for the world championship in various categories. The Hayashi Karatecenter from Schiffweiler brought some World Cup medals to Saarland!

Saarland Police Image: ©

Burglar gang arrested red-handed

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (07.03.2018), around 02:10 a.m., police forces managed to arrest three members of a gang of burglars during a break-in in a restaurant in Schiffweiler. The Saarbrücken District Court issued an arrest warrant for the three men who were known to the police, aged 26, 18 and 16. Among other things, they are also responsible for breaking into ...

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