Saarland again tightened statutory regulations

State Parliament of Saarland, about dts
State Parliament of Saarland, about dts
In the evening, the state government of Saarland revised and tightened the ordinance that came into force on Friday, thereby standardizing the rules in Saarland.

As we already reported in advance, the Saarpfalz district immediately before being classified as a risk area, after the Saarbrücken regional association passed the critical 50 mark at noon.

To ensure that uniform and understandable regulations exist throughout the Saarland, the Ministry of Health issued a new ordinance this evening in consultation with the district administrators.

"Against the background that the infection rate in Saarland is increasing significantly and we are on the verge of being classified as a risk area in all parts of the country, the Saarland state government had to adjust the regulation that only came into force on Friday. From the point of view of infection law, it was necessary to further tighten the regulations for regional infections. To this end, my ministry today, in exchange with the district administrators and the regional association director, initiated a departmental ordinance that will apply from tomorrow. This applies nationwide“, Emphasizes Health Minister Monika Bachmann.

The ordinance comes into force on Sunday evening at 18:00 p.m. and applies in all districts and the Saarbrücken regional association. Nationwide, the rules that were set for districts with more than 50 new cases per 100.000 inhabitants within seven days then apply.


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  • Private events (meetings, celebrations ...) in public spaces limited to 10 people. In private spaces A maximum of 10 people from two households or the family members may come together.
  • public events are in the open air and permitted in closed rooms with up to 100 people - deviations are possible due to approved hygiene concepts.
  • The Joint stay of several people in public space is limited to ten people
  • Im Catering area There is a curfew from 23 p.m. to 06 a.m.
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during the same period. The sale of take-away food and non-alcoholic beverages is excluded from this rule.
  • Bei public events is too in a fixed place to wear a mouth and nose covering. The same applies to the course, training and sports operations as well as the operation of dance schools outside of training and competition operations.
  • Mask requirement also in restaurants, away from the assigned space
  • Social and common rooms may no longer be used.

"With today's agreed departmental ordinance, we are creating a uniform legal basis in the Saarland. In this way we make it easier for the public to understand our measures. Our guideline remains the seven-day incidence rate. All Saarlanders are now called upon to support the regulations that are coming into force and thus to contribute to the common success against the rising incidence rates. Because: If the limit value is fallen below on five consecutive days in the respective district or regional association, the ordinance is repealed“, Appeals Bachmann in conclusion.

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