Saarland: Cosmetic studios and massage practices are allowed to open

Massage | Image: Regio-Journal
The operating ban for cosmetic studios and massage practices in Saarland due to the Corona regulation has been lifted. The Higher Administrative Court lifted the ban.

The decision of the OVG was justified by the fact that it was a matter of "unequal treatment compared to other body-related service providers".

It is "objectively not justifiable" to let hair salons, tattoo and piercing studios run their business while cosmetic and massage studios are not allowed to open.

In addition, according to the Robert Koch Institute, there is no relevance of cosmetic studios and massage practices with regard to the spread of the corona virus.

A week ago the Higher Administrative Court had already overturned the operating ban for piercing and tattoo studios.

Urgent applications to open restaurants, arcades and fitness studio operators, however, were rejected.

Picture sources:

  • Massage: Regio-Journal