Saarland football takes place this weekend

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Despite the tightening of the corona rules that are now valid across the Saarland, the remaining day of the match for the Saarland amateur footballers will take place as planned. The Saarland Football Association has coordinated measures to this end with the state government.

This regulation applies, the football association reports for this weekend. Accordingly, more than 100 people are allowed to take part in a sports event this weekend, "because the already existing hygiene concept of the sports association is considered to be sufficient across the board as an exception. As long as the clubs adhere to the existing hygiene concepts, they do not need to fear fines or other penalties“, Announced the SfV on its website.

Talks have been announced in the coming week to work out a solution.

"The weekend matchday can take place as planned. We are still in close contact with the authorities and our clubs, will keep an eye on the situation and will make a new decision next week“, Says SFV President Heribert Ohlmann.

The hygiene instructions posted on site must be observed.