Visits will be possible again from May 20th under strict conditions.

Knappschaftsklinikum Saar enables visits again

Exterior view of the clinic, image: Knappschaftsklinikum Saar GmbH
Exterior view of the clinic, image: Knappschaftsklinikum Saar GmbH
From May 20, patients can again receive visitors in the normal ward of the Knappschaftskliniken Saar. Strict hygiene rules apply.

As reported by the operating company, the following restriction applies:

Each patient can designate a visitor who can visit him once a day for up to an hour. Visiting times are Monday to Friday from 14 to 18 p.m., excluding public holidays.

Further information & hygiene requirements:

Every visitor receives a visitor's license and is checked for fever at the entrance.

Because of the entrance controls, visitors should allow for some waiting time. There are strict hygiene rules in the houses, including the requirement for a mask and a reduced number of passengers in the elevators.

Intensive care and isolation wards remain excluded from the new regulation. Visits are still only permitted there in exceptional cases and are individually coordinated with the relatives. The cafeteria is closed to visitors and patients.

The new easing was coordinated by the Knappschaft Kliniken and is now being implemented in a coordinated manner across the network.

Picture sources:

  • Knappschaftsklinikum Sulzbach: Knappschaftsklinikum Saar GmbH