Roth: women are "demonstratively disregarded" in parliament

Claudia Roth as Bundestag
Claudia Roth as Bundestag
The Deputy President of the Bundestag Claudia Roth (Greens) complains of an increasingly contemptuous treatment of female members of parliament.

"Women are demonstratively disregarded," said Roth of the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit". She added: "When a member of parliament speaks, regardless of which parliamentary group, many men turn around, chat, stop listening, and the noise level rises."

This open disregard would also be felt by the two women in the Bundestag presidium, Petra Pau from the Left Party and herself. "When one of us leads the meetings, some AfD speakers simply do not greet the Presidium, but this has been the practice in plenary for 70 years," said Roth. “You step up to the desk and just get started. Others explicitly say 'President' to greet them. ”With the arrival of the AfD in the Bundestag, the mood towards women has fundamentally changed. “It seems to me as if we were wrapped in cotton wool by then,” said the Green politician. Sexism and anti-feminism now have a stage in the Bundestag? and that has a disinhibiting effect on society. Female MPs received hate mail that often talked about sexualized dominance or humiliation. "The masculinists and retro men are now forming, they want to get back what does not belong to them: power, influence, the say," said Roth. Other women parliamentarians also complain about the behavior of many male colleagues in the Bundestag: “It often happened to me that men from other parliamentary groups ?? we Social Democrats are all saying goodbye anyway? have used me at the first conversation, "said the SPD MP Josephine Ortleb. "That is often not only disrespectful, it is also not infrequently an instrument to clarify the balance of power from the outset: I, the man, make the announcements here." Emmi Zeulner (CSU) pointed out that young women in parliament have pregnancies conceal as long as possible and deliberately not make your child an issue.

“Because young mothers are disappearing. Not physically, but from the minds of many who have something to decide, ”said Zeulner. “A young mother sleeps too little, has to look after the child, so she is not productive. The career is put on hold. None of this applies to young fathers. "