RKI reports 14.419 new corona infections

Queuing in front of supermarket, over dts
Queuing in front of supermarket, over dts
The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 14.419 new corona infections early Tuesday morning.

That was six percent less than on Tuesday morning a week ago, when the RKI reported 15.332 new infections within one day. The previous day, the corresponding number was 19 percent lower than a week earlier.

In addition, the RKI now reported 267 deaths within 24 hours in connection with the virus. However, it is always unclear whether the deaths are due to or only with the virus. In the meantime, 3.438 Covid-19 patients were treated intensively in the intensive care units early Tuesday morning. According to official information, a good 19.000 intensive care beds are currently free or can be set up within seven days.

However, it is doubtful whether sufficient staff would be available for the corresponding occupancy figures.