Content Submission Policy

We look forward to your text submissions. In order to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible and, above all, it is successful for both sides, a few important points should be mentioned. Therefore, please pay attention to the following points.

Spelling / grammar

We kindly ask you to read the text again carefully before submitting content in order to correct any spelling and grammatical errors.

We grant ourselves the right to shorten reports, correct them and change any non-factual formulations. If you use quotations, we ask you to quote them verbatim, in quotes and with a source.

Rights to the image / text / source reference

Hand us over No way Texts for publication, the violate the rights of third parties. You should therefore always write your own texts and avoid copying text passages from external content. Please note that copying texts can result in legal steps. As the author, you are responsible for the texts.

When sending in pictures please ensure that the image rights are respected. They grant us the right to unlimited, fee-free publication in the Regio-Journal - online and in print. In addition, by sending us picture material, you confirm that you have the rights to the picture and that you have given your consent to printing and submission.

Important: Please tell us in the press text the right to be specified in the picture (source: Max Mustermann)

Topicality & objectivity & source

When submitting your messages, make sure that they are up to date so that the messages do not lose relevance. It is also important that your texts are factual and objective. We do not publish any news that serves "showmanship". Avoid capitalized text, mass armies of exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!) and focus on the journalistic “W questions": Who, What, When, Where, How, Why and Where.

Always give at least one Source on. We will not publish any reports without or with an untraceable origin. As the author, you are subject to due diligence. It is better to research too much than too little and pay attention to the correct representation of the facts. Protect other people's rights when you submit. Do not spread rumors or refer to hearsay.

Which we definitely reject

Do not explicitly advertise parties, companies or other institutions in your report. Please make sure that we do not publish any chargeable dates. Talk to us in the event of an event and we will make you an attractive offer. Please note that your publications must be related to the region. We see freedom of expression as a valuable asset, but we will never publish extremist, state-threatening or “right” or “left” slogans.