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Munich (ots) - Read first, then buy: With the brochure “Tire Tests and Tire Tips”, the ADAC will in future provide information twice a year on the current results of its tire tests. The brochure is published for the tire changing season in spring and autumn and, as an informative print product, supplements the advice given to members on the club's digital channels. The brochure in the handy A5 format can be conveniently taken to the tire dealer for purchase advice.

Compressed on 44 pages, interested parties can obtain extensive information about technical issues relating to manufacture, tread, labeling and the important properties of tires. The brochure provides information on the differences between summer, winter and all-season tires and clearly explains their impact on the environment, consumption and driving safety. The brochure also provides information on all topics relating to the use and maintenance of tires, air pressure and storage. Information to avoid breakdowns and the correct behavior in the event of a breakdown round off the content.

The brochure “Tire Tests and Tire Tips” contains not only the results of the current tire tests but also the publications of the past three years. Since 2018, the testers have also been evaluating the performance of all-season tires, the results of which are also shown in detail.

The brochure is available from the regional clubs of the ADAC and as a digital version at www.adac.de/reifentest (http://www.adac.de/reifentest).

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